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I tried to export a model to Revizto.Only a few BIM information can be export to Revizto,fo example,offset can't be export to it.I try to add a info (offset)to the opject,but then all the object in the same layer have the same info.
does anyone know the rule what kind of informarion can be export to Revizto?
Alexey Zuev - 09 January 2015 12:25 am
Hi Sun,

This is a known problem for Revizto 3.0 and should work fine in 3.1.

Here are the links to offline installers (choose appropriate):

64-bit installer: http://update.revizto.com/v3/msi64
32-bit installer: http://update.revizto.com/v3/msi32

If you can't download from here either, please tell me which file sharing services are available in China, because the installer is too big to send in the attachment (~300 Mb).
thank you!
the link you give me couldn't be opened .the skyDrive is available in China,can you send me a 64 bit version?
dear Alexey Zuev:
thank you for your reply,and i also received your E-mail,I don't know which file sharing services are available in China,but I'll ask someone,then mail you.Thank you very much.
Revizto always shut down when i click the "review"or"export"button,
 My system is simplified Chinese version win7 X64.
the Revizto version i used is 3.0,  and i used export plugins in Revit2014
is there a problem with simplified Chinese?
thanks alot!
P.S: in CHINA i can not dowload the new version of Revizto(3.1) and I want to try it ,does anyone an send it to my mail?thank U very much ^ ^   
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