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Revizto Wishlist / Google Cardboard
« on: 25 January 2016 12:33 am »
Hi Maverick

I'd also really like to know more about this configuration. I've had succes with TrinusVR in combination with Revizto, but I'm lacking the actual 3D effect.
I've tried Tridef, but can't seem to get it to work with Revizto. It works great for a couple of games I've tried it on, but I couldn't seem to get it to acknowledge Revizto.

Any help with this, would be truly appreciated :-)

Thank you in advance..
Revizto Wishlist / Minimap View
« on: 25 January 2016 12:27 am »
I really like the map function in the viewer. However, I would also like to be able to have a minimap on-screen while I'm walking around for easier navigation and overview.
That would be awesome! :-)
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