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Importing IFC / IFC import issues
« on: 14 September 2015 09:22 am »

I am importing an IFC into Revizto, the file imports fine but when I try to view in the viewer I find that gravity does not turn on when I go to walk mode.

Normally I use fly mode to get to an area of interest, then turn to walk mode and I fall to the nearest floor and begin walking from there.

When importing from IFC I find that I click the walk mode and there is no movement, I remain up in the air.

Solving this issue would significantly increase our use of Revizto within our business as it would become software independent.

Note I have tried IFC - Revit - Revizto and gravity again works but I lose objects when importing to Revit.
I have tried IFC - Navisworks to revizto and again gravity does not work and I lose the textures.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated

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