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Usability / Manage Projects tab behavior
« on: 05 October 2017 01:15 pm »
I notice in the Manage Projects dashboard, when I enter a project, it opens in a new browser tab, but - the header navigation links are still the same. So, let's say I open a project to add some tags. I do so, then I click on "Manage Projects" in the header, thinking that's the way I get back to the list of projects. I didn't realize that each project opened in a different tab, so after 10 or so project edits, I realized I had 10 browser tabs open.

I think the UI should help you understand where you are a little better. For example, if the project opens in a new tab, it should be a clean page with no common header links. If the header links are easier to maintain, then don't let the project open in a new tab. Instead maybe a "Back" link would be clearer.
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