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Revizto Wishlist / Google Cardboard
« on: 31 January 2016 09:12 am »
Well, video is being uploaded, it'll be available here

Revizto -> TriDef Ignition -> Trinus VR
Works almost out of the box. The only problem is Power3D - you should turn it off, because it can't work properly with Revizto scene.
Default key combination to do it is Alt+Shift+V


Revizto Wishlist / Google Cardboard
« on: 27 January 2016 05:31 am »
Thomas P. and Eduardo S.

Sadly, it's been few month ago, and since then my Win10 died with this config as well, so not much I can tell you right now.
I think, i'll use saturday to restore this config, and I think I'll try to film it step by step and upload to youtube.

Revizto Wishlist / Google Cardboard
« on: 11 September 2015 04:22 am »
Finally, I've found software combination to use cardboard with Revizto (And with Navisworks too! I think any CAD software which uses DirectX drivers will work that way).

Full setup: Windows PC - Revizto - TriDef Ignition - Trinus VR - Android smartphone in cardboard.

Actually, TriDef was last missing part in that puzzle in my case - when i've found this program everything else become pretty easy. Play with config a bit and you'll get results similar with oculus for less than 100$.

About hardware. I've tested this setup with pretty large model (like 10k objects) and it works smooth on 2 year old ultrabook (i3, 4Gb RAM, GeForce M720 1Gb). I've also opened same model in Navisworks - it's just a little slower, but works better with autodesk textures. May be it's my mistake, but in Revizto I have to make retexturing after import. When talking about pros and cons I'd mention first textures Navis>Revizto in that case and user-friendly controls Revizto>>>Navis (In that helmet you REALLY want gamepad).

Revizto Wishlist / Google Cardboard
« on: 23 August 2015 12:08 pm »
Hi. First of all sorry for necroposting and then sorry for hiding behind my nickname.

I decided to post here because this idea (Using Google Cardboard to view something in revizto) become even more interesting now, when Oculus "will be mass produced soon" and cardboard can be bought everywhere for decent price.

The worst thing in it is that almost everything is done already - i've been watching my model using my phone after an hour of digging that way. But then days of digging further were fruitless because i can't get side-by-side image without oculus - only black screen.

To sum up. At least one person still interested in using Revzto+Cardboard, the only thing missed to do it is side-by-side view mode without oculus.
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