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The ability to adjust the opacity of the line work for all Markup tools would be very useful. There are numerous occasions where we would prefer the line work did not completely obscure the underlying 2D/3D graphics.

One such use case would be to use the Pen tool as a highlighter for back checking markups or to simply draw quick attention to an area or passage of text that you would still like to be able to read.

Our current workaround is to use the Circle, Polyline, or Rectangle tool with the Border Type set to None and the Background Opacity set to a percentage other than None. While this mostly gets us the look we are after, it does require a bit more effort click-wise than the Pen tool would require if adjustable opacity for the line work were available.

Many of our users prefer to utilize only the Pen tool in conjunction with various Stylus/Touch capable hardware devices for the bulk of their Markup work and would prefer not to have to switch tools in order to achieve the highlighter effect.
Revizto Wishlist / 3D > Objects > Adjustable Transparency
« on: 21 July 2017 12:59 pm »
The ability to adjust the percentage of transparency for objects would be greatly appreciated. Currently, the transparency can be a bit too see through for certain purposes/views.

One thought would be that instead of the current transparency buttons behaving simply as on/off toggles, they could launch a dialog with a transparency slider from 0-100%. If this is not possible, a less desirable but still welcome alternative would be to have a global transparency slider located somewhere in the project preferences area.
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