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Bug reports / Revizto Scheduler Stuck
« on: 31 January 2018 02:16 am »
Hello Tech team,

We are getting error in Revizto scheduler. Please see attached log files along with this email.

So could you please analyze and let us know the resolution for the same.
Export from Revit / Exporting take time from Revit model
« on: 15 December 2017 03:53 am »
Hello Alexey,

Thank you again your reply on our issues. May i know what internet bandwidth require for speed up the upload on the cloud?

Also, what machine configuration requirement for the heavy model file. i.e. we are usually working with 190MB to 250MB size of model files.
Export from Revit / Exporting take time from Revit model
« on: 15 December 2017 12:58 am »
Hello Alexey,

Thank you for your quick reply on this, see we have already clicked on "Export Sheets" along with "Export 3D model". But it is really taking longer time to export. But our client are not getting any issue with this as they will export within 2mins from Australia.

FYI - We are work from Mumbai, India.

So It is depend on international / local internet bandwidth? If yes then let me know how much mbps require for this application? Or any specific hardware we require? Please suggest here.

Please do let me know your quick reply on this.

Thank you in advance,
Export from Revit / Exporting take time from Revit model
« on: 14 December 2017 10:00 pm »
Hello All,

We are using Revizto 4.5 version, we are having issue with exporting file from Revit. See when our file size below 100MB it is uploaded within 15-20minutes but when our file size going up to 190MB then exporting take 1hrs or so.

So it there any particular setting where our exporting time can reduce? Because we already go through the tutorial and we are using same method to export.

Also, I have another question that when our file size 100MB and first time it has taken 15-20mins to upload then next day our file size is 120MB. So it would take again 15-20mins + more 3-5mins for 20MB uploading or is there incremental size would be uploaded on Revizto server? Please clarify here.

Best Regards,
Hitesh Panchal
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