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Yes, I found out how to do it.
I have some models I archived but would rather delete or remove them.  Is there a trick to doing this?
When export from Revit and Linking to existing project in Revizto we have lost the ability to Overwrite existing model or Append as a new model.

Currently all our latest exports have an accumulation of all the changes made from Revit, so stairs that have been moved are in two different places, walls and stairs deleted in Revit are still in Revizto.

Creating a new model and trying to link to it still doesn't give us the options to Overwrite or Append.  What are we missing?

Thanks for the help.
Questions and answers / Edit Lighting
« on: 16 May 2017 01:14 pm »
Anyone else notice, when editing lighting in the edit section the lights show as if they are on.  Save and close out of the editor and the lights go out?  Having trouble keeping them on after editing.
Questions and answers / Edit Materials issue.
« on: 16 May 2017 01:06 pm »
Anyone else seeing this happen.

Go to edit Materials.  Start editing and try to save.  I get the circle of death every time I go to save.  If I hit ESC and close edit material then reopen it I can edit and save all I want.  Just that first time I try to edit is when I can't save. 

My work around each time I remember is to Open Edit materials, edit one thing. Crash out of the materials editor then get right back in.  That works each time but only if I remember.

Thanks for the help

I have a slab built in Revit that when exported to Revizto I would like to add an image to.  When I try to modify a material I can see the image in the sample but it only shows a white color on the screen of the slab and not the image.

I have tried to use Decal in Revit and export that but never have success.  That is another issue for another time.

Thanks for your help.
Export from Revit / Decal from Revit 2017 comes in one color.
« on: 27 April 2017 07:31 am »
Yes I sure did.  Still didn't come in.  Found I can bring the image in as a material but scaling it in Revizto is a little cumbersome.  Prefer the decal method if at all possible.

Failed to mention this is Revit 2017.2

Export from Revit / Decal from Revit 2017 comes in one color.
« on: 27 April 2017 07:14 am »
When I export from Revit 2017 to Revizto 4.3.3 with a decal in Revit Revizto shows it all as one color instead of the image wanted.

Am I missing a step or setting to get this to work?

I read a couple older posts where they said this was fixed in 2.2.

Thank you for the help.
As a super administrator, I can't assign myself to projects and see all projects under the account.  Is there a way to do this or make it a policy in-house to always assign me to the project?

Thank you.
Questions and answers / Save screen to image format? Is there a way
« on: 21 February 2017 07:26 am »
Sorry to read that.  But explains why I couldn't find it.  Used it all the time.
Questions and answers / Save screen to image format? Is there a way
« on: 21 February 2017 05:59 am »
Is there a way to save a screen angle, or shot to an image file?  I seem to remember in older versions there was a way to save the screen being viewed as an image.  Can't seem to find that in 4.3.

Thanks for the help.
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