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Hello, we just finished a big project in which we used Revizto intensively (Marriott Courtyard Santiago, the one in the home page of the Revizto site). So we have a few suggestions for improvements.

1) The possibility to choose the parameters that are transferred to revizto, till today we turn off the ones that we dont want, but is a time consuming task.

2) More customization options on the "watermark" tool. We actually use it for put a color legend and logos of the stakeholders, so we think this tool should not be designed only for watermarks. Ex: change the location of the element to put it on the corner of the window.

3) It would be really usefull if one could create groups of elements, so the user could turn off an entire group as a category, for example: turn off all elements in the air supply system.

4) The option to see the geometry of the rooms/ spaces created from Revit

Thanks a lot for your good work so far.

Hope this helps you.
If you export to Revizto a Revit project with linked rvt´s, and the materials are defined by phases, the materials get mixed up. So far the solution we have found is to export them separately and merge them after. Also this happens sometimes with materials defined by filters when you export a project with more than one linked file. Keep doing  such exelent work!
Revizto Wishlist / Moving merged models whenever anytime.
« on: 25 November 2014 05:39 am »
The new feature to move the merged models inmediatly after the insertion is a great improvement, but it would be awesome if you could move the merged models at any time you want. It often happens that you notice misslocation of the model after you have accepted the coordinates of the merged model.
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