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When the rift is connected, the resolution in the goggles is constant. The menu doesn't have all options cause we cut them out intentionally. You can hide the menu using "o" key or xbox controller "Y" key.

We know that different looking interface for Oculus would be great, it is just not our top priority at the moment.

Hope this helps.
Hi Jean-Frederic,

That would be great if you can share the Revit sample model having those problems. That's the only way to identify the reason of the problem. You can send me a dropbox (or similar) link to it in a PM so we can look at it from the inside.

Hi JF,

We turned off this window cause the Viewer window is now resizable. Fullscreen mode can be truned on by pressing Alt+Enter key combination, but it will use the current resolution of the window, so better to start fullscreen mode while your Viewer window is maximized.

Hope this helps.
General / Revizto Manuals
« on: 27 November 2015 02:35 am »
Hi Nick,

Currently what you can see in the online manual is all we have. We plan to update the manual together with Revizto 4.0 launch in Q1 2016.
Installation / Sketchup 2016?
« on: 27 November 2015 02:32 am »
Hi Arnold,

Just to make sure, did you install full Revizto package or only Revizto Viewer?
Export from Revit / rpc trees not importing
« on: 16 November 2015 06:14 am »
Graphics and visual appearance / Sketch Mode
« on: 12 November 2015 08:16 am »

I fugured out the reason. The edge drawing shader works similarly to SSAO, so here we can see the same z-fighting issue on high visibility distance values. So if you decrease visibility distance the issue will be resolved (default value that works good is 1,000 ft but you can see if a slightly greater value is ok). Visibility distance can be changed in Graphics -> Camera.

Hope this helps.
Graphics and visual appearance / Sketch Mode
« on: 11 November 2015 12:12 am »
Hi William,

This looks like behavior of SSAO shader when visibility distance value is higher than default. You can try to turn off SSAO in the graphics settings.
Export from Revit / rpc trees not importing
« on: 29 October 2015 01:59 am »
Just download the files again directly to your working folder WITHOUT unpacking.

Hope this helps.
Export from Revit / rpc trees not importing
« on: 28 October 2015 03:39 am »
Hi Ryan,

Vimproj files are actually zip containers, and looks like your Windows doesn't show file extensions so you thought it was zip. Just put that archives to Revizto Working Folder without unpacking them. Afterwards, in the merge menu, you will see all those trees in the list.

Hope this helps.
Export from Revit / rpc trees not importing
« on: 27 October 2015 02:32 am »
Hi Ryan,

RPC trees are not exported to FBX from Revit cause they are not 3D objects. There is a way to merge trees in Revizto format into your project, I can share a couple of models for you. Just put the files below into your Revizto working folder (you can check the path if you go to Settings -> Change Working Folder in the Editor) and then Merge them in the Editor.


In the Merge tool, put the trees in the center of the screen and use your mouse for repositioning. Repositioning works in the plane of the screen, so you might need to change your camera position to align the trees along different axis.

Hope this helps.
Revizto Wishlist / Monochromatic Export to Viewer
« on: 23 October 2015 03:56 am »
Hi Dustin,

We currently have other development priorities, so we won't release anything that will help you with this problem in near future.

With the current functionality, the best way from the workarounds you mentioned (excluding Sketch Mode cause you don't like it) is to change all materials in Revizto. There is a way to quickly restore materials to original.
You just have to:

1. Do export to new project from Revit. Open it and save in Revizto Editor. (let's name it "building_orig_materials")
2. In the Editor, open the project with modified materials. Do a "Save As" to backup material changes (name it "building_gray_materials").
3. Go to materials list, open "Double pane view". On the rigth pane, select "Other" tab. Find "building_orig_materials" project there. All materials will be shown.
4. Click on one of the materials on the right pane. Press Ctrl+A to highlight all materials. Drag & Drop from right to left. That should overwrite all materials properly.

You can repeat the procedure with "building_gray_materials" project to paint everything gray again.

How it works? Revizto remebers unique ID of each Revit material. Drag & Drop overwrites materials if it finds a matching one.

Hope this helps.
Website and Workspace / Cant upload any project to workspace
« on: 06 October 2015 05:00 am »

Revizto changed its licensing model this summer. Now all Revizto software is free, but cloud services are paid. To view your project on the iPad without having the paid account, you can export VIM project from the Editor and upload it to Revizto Viewer app on the iPad via iTunes.
Revizto Wishlist / Web Browsing in Oculus Viewer
« on: 29 September 2015 08:11 am »
I meant that's impossible with the current setup. It would require some effort to support that, and currently VR is not our main priority.
Revizto Wishlist / Web Browsing in Oculus Viewer
« on: 29 September 2015 07:55 am »
Unfortunately that's impossible, cause standard browsers don't support Oculus
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