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Object Attribute View in Web Viewer

05 January 2015 06:46 am

Colin M.

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When browsing a Revizto model through the iPad app, I am able to view an object's attributes by double-tapping on the item (see attached screenshot).  However, I have no been able to bring up the attribute view within the Revizto Web Viewer (both the older Unity version, and the newer WebGL for Revizto 3).  Is the web viewer capable of this?  Thanks, Colin.
05 January 2015 06:56 am

Alexey Zuev

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Hi Colin,

Our WebGL viewer currently can't show object's attributes. We will probably add this functionality in future.

Hope this helps.
16 March 2016 05:44 am

Joe Stott

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I would second that request - it would make the web viewer much more attractive to us
25 April 2017 01:17 am


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Me too