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Revit Material Bitmaps Position

14 January 2015 04:37 pm

Will Joske

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Hi - I trust someone can help me with this.

In a Revit model, I have created some materials that include bitmaps.

The position of the bitmaps are offset so that they fit within a precise area of an object within a family.
So this is different to a decal situation, but looks similar.

I was delighted to see that in Revizto 3.0 the position information was matched in the Revizto editor and viewer. it looked perfect!

Having just upgraded to Revizto 3.1, I am finding that the bitmaps have changed their vertical offset after exporting. Fail.

I can't see any options regarding in the Revit exporter plugin.

Can someone please assist - has something changed? Is there a hidden tick box somewhere?

Thanks in anticipation,


14 January 2015 11:45 pm

Alexey Zuev

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Hi Will,

Could you please isolate that part in Revit and send me the resulting RVT file in a PM so we can check that on our end? It will be also good to have a screenshot of how it should look like.

Thank you.