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Nested Revit Families

14 January 2015 05:36 pm

Will Joske

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Hi there,

I have a model with families that in turn contain nested families. These nested 'child' families are set as Shared - therefore they have their own 'identity' in a Revit project as well as being part of its 'parent' family.

In Revizto, using the Objects tool, when I select a component, it will give me the properties of the child family. I would like a way to select the parent family as and see its properties an alternative.

Is this at all possible?


14 January 2015 11:53 pm

Alexey Zuev

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Hi Will,

We didn't come across such situation before. It would be great if can send me a sample RVT file in a PM so we can test how Revizto behaves and whether we can do something with it.

Thank you.