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Change "owner" of model

25 January 2018 07:22 am

Paul K. [38686]

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We have a project model uploaded to Revizto. The employee who uploaded it (and thus is listed as "owner") is no longer working here.

Is there a way to assign someone else as owner of this model/project on Revizto? We don't have her password for access either, which I'm assuming we can get via a "forgot password" type of feature

25 January 2018 08:23 am

Alexey Zuev

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Hi Paul,

There are two options (I assume you are license administrator).

1. You can deactivate the employee from the license on "Manage Users" page on Revizto Workspace website. Then all projects owned by him/her will become owned by the license owner.

2. On the "Manage Projects" page of Revizto Workspace website, you can go through projects owned by that employee one by one (click on arrow near project to open its page) and change owner there.

Please let me know if that helps.
25 January 2018 10:43 am

Paul K. [38686]

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That worked perfectly, thanks!