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Point Cloud & more possibilities

03 March 2015 03:19 am

Tom J.

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It would be nice to have something like a point cloud viewer in Revizto. We create our Revit models based on our own created point clouds. These point clouds have also the terrain around the building, it would be nice to have the point cloud as the terrain, so we don't need to create the terrain in Revit any more.

Another think I like to see in the future:
In the viewer you can hide a category, but it's not possible to hide only one item inside the category. So when I'm flying around the building, I want to hide only one wall, or only one floor/roof, to see what is inside the building.

I also want to see the Oculus Rift in Revizto, I saw you already working on it, that's very nice! When can we expect this update? And maybe is it possible to load our own player from Unity in to Revizto? We are now working to create a CAVE-system Unity based, but when it is possible to load the player, we can use Revizto in the Cave.

Tom Jansen
The Netherlands
03 March 2015 03:44 am

Alexey Zuev

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Hi Tom,

Thank you for the feedback! Here are the comments on your suggestions:

1. Unfortunately, we are not planning to support point clouds.

2. It is not possible to control visibility of separate objects in the Viewer due to optimizations. However, this can be done in the Editor.

3. Oculus support is hopefully coming at the end of this week with Revizto 3.2 release.

4. Right now there is no possibility to integrate Revizto with Unity in any way.
03 March 2015 06:15 am

Tom J.

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1. Too bad you don't planing to support point clouds, for our business it would be fantastic. I'm going to search to convert the point cloud to something we can import in Revizto.
2. I would like to see this in also in the viewer.
3. This week, that's great!!!
4. I hope to see something like that in the future, so it become more useful for me than it is already.

Thanks for your answers so quickly.