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Revizto Editor Downloaded Installation Location

11 March 2015 02:25 am


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Where is the Revizto Editor stored once it is downloaded?

I am trying to save the proper exe folder, as the the download is 280mb which is alot if it has to be installed multiple times.

I can't seem to find the location it doesn't appear to be in the temp folder...

Can someone tell me where it is stored so I don't have to redownload for each machine when a new version becomes available.

Thank you
11 March 2015 03:35 am

Alexey Zuev

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Hi Adam,

The MSI installer is stored in your user's Downloads folder. Furthermore, you can always use these links to download the latest Revizto 3 MSI installer:

64 bit: http://update.revizto.com/v3/msi64
32 bit: http://update.revizto.com/v3/msi32

Hope this helps.
11 March 2015 06:31 pm


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Thanks Alexey

Not sure why, but everytime I download the msi it doesn't appear in my downloads, only the .exe

I even ran a search for all .msi's by date as I assumed it should be around somewhere but my search came up empty.

FYI I'm using Windows 8.1