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Working with reports (customizing) on Revizto

29 March 2015 08:41 am

Jhonatas B.

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Hello developers,

We chose to use Revizto mainly for collaboration, since the issue tracker have many of the features we want. In these projects, we need to create visual reports.

As you may know, BCF format does not have sufficient resources to it, which have been improved in Revizto. This leads to the following questions:

1) Is there any way to work in .vimmrk files to generate a custom report?

2) Can you export issues to any working format (eg XML)?

Thx in advance.
30 March 2015 01:46 am

Alexey Zuev

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Hello Jhonatas,

Here are the answers to your questions:

1). Can you describe what kind of reports you are interested in? Right now we have only this functionality:


Right now we are designing the improvement of report system so it is possible that your request will come to life if we find it suitable for our concept.

2). You can export to BCF from Revizto programs:


BCF actually contains XML file with issues' data.

Hope this helps.
30 March 2015 07:03 am

Jhonatas B.

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Alexey, thank you for the quick reply.

About the BCF, I have been testing for a time and some essential information are not exported (issue ID, dates, status and attached images) from Revizto due to limitations of the format itself (BCF 2.0). This article explain the limitations of BCF: http://collectivebim.com/future-issue-tracking-bcf/

We prefer to work with the information taken directly from Revizto. The ideal situation would be the program to export directly to XML with all the fields from Issue Tracker on a customizable template, for layout and even translation of the reports into other languages.

I have some other suggestions that could be useful on that improvement and give Revizto a very large competitive advantage over other solutions:

1) In addition to the two existing reporting formats, it would be very useful to have a individual issue report, like this example I made:


2) Improve Revizto Workspace website with issue tracker module. Additionally, we can have dashboards with metrics of the project (I strongly suggest you to read this article: http://collectivebim.com/future-issue-tracking-aec-case-jira-solibri-bcf/).

3) App with "Issue tracker only" for smartphones. We could benefit a lot from creating/replying issues and taking photos from field and use the application during construction.

Do you have any idea when and/or in what version your improved report system will be published?

Best regards.
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