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Revizto 3.4: What's new?

08 June 2015 05:29 am

Alexey Zuev

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Dear Revizto users,

We are glad to announce that Revizto 3.4 is officially released! You can update from inside the program or download it from our website.

Here is the list of new features of Revizto 3.4:

Revizto Viewer

- Create issues from 2D sheets
- All issues created in 3D are also visible on 2D sheets
- You can find the position of each created issue on 2D sheet
- You can overlay any 2D sheet on top of your 3D model (combined 3D/Sheet view)
- In the project gallery you can see which projects have been updated recently
- You can see the grid on 2D map
- Links to local files are now supported
- The ability to accept invitation to a project from the Viewer

Revizto Editor

- Revision control system for cloud and shared location projects
- Sharing to multiple emails at the same time (using comma-separated list)
- Filtering by discipline in Objects dialog
- Batch deletion of object parameters
- Improved self-illuminated materials
- New updater dialog with changelog

Revizto plugins

- Plugin for Archicad (64-bit Windows only)

Issue Tracker

- Improved reporting chart (now it is an interactive filter of issues)
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