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Monochromatic Export to Viewer

21 October 2015 12:43 pm

Dustin T.

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Hi Revizto team,

As we rollout full use of Revit to Revizto in our office we have run into one sticking point. We often have meetings with our clients early in the design process before materials have been fully vetted. Clients become very VERY fixated on any materials or colors showing up in the model and aren't able to focus on the building design itself.

It would be great if Revizto Editor allowed us to export the model without any materials or colors. All geometry would be a light gray color but still show shadows.

Our current workarounds and their downsides:
- Sketch Mode (Doesn't look good at all)
- Change all materials in Revizto (This can't be undone and we can never get the correct materials back)
- Change all materials in Revit (Not feasible)
- Uncheck "Use Render Appearance" on export (Still brings in colors)

If you have any other suggestions please let me know.

Thank you!
23 October 2015 03:56 am

Alexey Zuev

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Hi Dustin,

We currently have other development priorities, so we won't release anything that will help you with this problem in near future.

With the current functionality, the best way from the workarounds you mentioned (excluding Sketch Mode cause you don't like it) is to change all materials in Revizto. There is a way to quickly restore materials to original.
You just have to:

1. Do export to new project from Revit. Open it and save in Revizto Editor. (let's name it "building_orig_materials")
2. In the Editor, open the project with modified materials. Do a "Save As" to backup material changes (name it "building_gray_materials").
3. Go to materials list, open "Double pane view". On the rigth pane, select "Other" tab. Find "building_orig_materials" project there. All materials will be shown.
4. Click on one of the materials on the right pane. Press Ctrl+A to highlight all materials. Drag & Drop from right to left. That should overwrite all materials properly.

You can repeat the procedure with "building_gray_materials" project to paint everything gray again.

How it works? Revizto remebers unique ID of each Revit material. Drag & Drop overwrites materials if it finds a matching one.

Hope this helps.
29 October 2015 09:18 am

Dustin T.

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Thanks Alex! That workaround is much better and one that I hadn't thought of. I like it.

11 November 2015 06:33 am

James H. [32174]

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Hi Dustin, here's an idea, maybe export your Revit model to Sketchup then go to Revizto from there?
Before Revizto, that is how I used to do early walkthroughs, primarily because Sketchup is so much more client friendly and easier to walk around in. The process (rvt-dwg-skp) strips out materials, usually it's an irritation but maybe it can be used to your benefit in this case.
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