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Virtual Reality, Oculus DK2 Framerates

18 November 2015 06:16 pm

Morgan G. [31825]

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Hey Everyone,

For my VR presentations I currently use Unity5.2 after reducing Revit geometry in Rhino to manageable levels of complexity.

I want to pose a few questions to those using Revizto. I am considering Revizto for making VR presentations to our clients, however I worry about framerates dropping below 60 fps and making our clients sick. These are not simple house projects, rather they are larger buildings with 14,000+ complex Revit meshes. Mullions, doors, handles, furniture etc. My question is does Revizto reduced complex geometry or utilize LOD?

The promo video has one clip of a very complex building, fully furnished but I don't trust that it was not 'edited' to look better" or that in VR the framerate will not drop to sickeningly low levels.

Anyone had success with a high detail model in VR? Or is there bad frame loss?

Thank you much!