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Some light families move when exported (but not all, and not all the same)

30 November 2015 08:15 pm

Jean-Frederic M. [32722]

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*Edit : resized attachment.


The attached screenshot shows an exported interiors project of a partial building viewed from above the ceiling. As you can see, some of the 2x2 and 2x4 light fixtures jumped from their original locations. But not all. All the 2x4's, and 2x2s are the same families and types. Nothing else moved. Just these particular objects. Is there any way to find out why ?


Jean-Frederic Monod
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08 December 2015 05:52 am

Alexey Zuev

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Hi Jean-Frederic,

That would be great if you can share the Revit sample model having those problems. That's the only way to identify the reason of the problem. You can send me a dropbox (or similar) link to it in a PM so we can look at it from the inside.