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Issue tracker disappeared from Revit

03 December 2015 05:17 pm

Jean-Frederic M. [32722]

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 I created a test issue in Viewer in my latest export from Revizto. When closing Revizto Viewer, Revit crashed. Now Issue Tracker has disappeared from The Add-ins toolbar. Export to Revizto 3 is still there but not the other button. I tried uninstalling and re-=installing Revizto entirely, no dice. Issue Tracker cannot be re-installed as a Revit Add-in.

Any ideas ?

04 December 2015 12:00 am

Dmitry Soldatenkov (Revizto)

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Hi Jean,
Can you reboot your computer. We thought that several copies of Issue Tracker could be retained in the memory and when 20 Issue Trackers are in the memory simultaneously Revit can not load the ribbon icon.
Please let me know if it helps or not. We will make some blocks for Issue Tracker launching or will find another cause of the problem.
04 December 2015 06:02 am

Jean-Frederic M. [32722]

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Hi Dmitry,

 Reboot didn't do it. Also, this was my first use of the Issue Tracker. I only created one test issue to try it out. I couldn't find the "Save" button and just closed out of the Viewer. Revit immediately crashed and Issue Tracker disappeared from the toolbar. But I did another uninstall / re-install this morning and it's back now. Strange. Still going through the learning process here : )