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Roundtrip redline markups in Issues onto the Revit sheets.

07 December 2015 06:45 am

Jean-Frederic M. [32722]

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I am on a mission to have somebody bring back and fix the Revit DWF markup capability that existed in Autodesk Design Review. Namely to have markups appear directly on the Revit sheets. Design Review had some massive issues however. I see Revizto as the best possible contender out there to fill that void.

The biggest hole in this software today is the inability for designers and project managers to intuitively correct drawings without resorting to paper. Architects work with a pencil. Now they can work with a decent sized tablet and stylus (IPad Pro, Surface Pro 4 ....). But it's still outside of Revit. Annotating PDFS with Bluebeam Revu for example.
Brad Bird at Pixar had "Review Sketch" created while working on The Incredibles to draw directly on animators' screens.  http://www.animationmeat.com/pdf/featureanimation/ToolTimeAtPixar.pdf  This is what we all need. But these drawings need to be INSIDE Revit.

Redlines on sheets in Revizto Issues should be exported directly into Revit and appear on the sheets there. They should have parameters assigned allowing them to be marked as "Done" by the user and a filter which changes their color when this is the case.

Revit sheets are exported to Revizto as transparent raster images. Unfortunately Revit doesn't handle raster well so the same would not work in reverse. This is why the markup tools need to be rethought to feature Vector Sketching similar to the capabilities of "Sketchbook Designer" before Autodesk cancelled it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXENHOzf3AE)
Revizto needs to export each issue as a vector linework object similar to a Revit revision cloud object. And these "Issue Objects" then need to be able to change color based on completion status. As well as have the deadline times, user names and other such parameters embedded in it.

Overlaying Revit sheets on 3D section planes is already a stroke of brilliance which works amazingly to communicate with clients and contractors. This would be the next step to nail communication with staff.

Thank you very much for a great tool !