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Revizto 4.0 Open Beta is here!

14 April 2016 10:46 am

Alexey Zuev

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Dear Revizto users,

We are glad to announce the first public early build of Revizto 4.0: Open Beta.

You can always download the latest build using this link:

Things to know about Open Beta

  • Open Beta works in a separate sandbox. It won’t affect your current Revizto 3 installation, projects or licenses.
  • After joining our Beta you will receive a special license so you can test cloud features.
  • The Beta is for testing purposes only. All your data uploaded to beta license will be wiped after our 4.0 release.
  • Beta is Windows only.
  • Here on the forum you can post your questions, feedback, report bugs and discuss Beta with others.

Most notable changes in 4.0


We have split the workspace into regions. Now all the data resides in the region of your license. When you log in, you can choose the region you want to reach (or you can trust our smart auto-detect option). Regions are not interconnected any more. If you create a project in a region, it will be visible only from there. To change the region, you have to re-login. All data on beta regions will be wiped at the moment of Revizto 4.0 release.

Plugins for Revit and Navisworks

  • Plugins moved from Add-ins ribbon to Revizto ribbon
  • Plugin establishes a link between Revit/Navis model and Revizto project on the first call of any Revizto function. If you need to change the link in the future, you should open “Export to Revizto” dialog.
  • We don’t have separate Issue Tracker app any more. “Issue Tracker” and “New Issue” buttons open Revizto Viewer and do the action there.
  • Export Scheduler is a tool that automates export to Revizto
  • After export, the Viewer is opened instead of Editor


  • Viewer is the main Revizto tool from now on. From here you can share and sync the model, import FBX and IFC, turn on Sketch Mode, add watermark. Editor can be launched only from the Viewer to edit materials, lighting and environment.
  • Sheets and Issue Tracker moved from a submenu to main menu, now Viewer has 3 different modes: 2D, 3D, Issue Tracker. 3D scene is loaded on purpose.
  • PDF import. In the 2D section you can import PDF sheets.
  • Viewer is now interconnected with Revit and Navis plugins. Double-click on any issue in Issue Tracker to view it in Revit or Navis.
  • All-new markups. New shapes, ability to edit markups after issue creation, ability to view markups over sheets.


  • Editor is no longer a standalone app. It can be opened only from the Viewer on a loaded project. The button to launch Editor is on top menu bar in the Viewer.
  • Editor can no longer Sync, Share, Import, Export or Merge projects.
  • To save changes in the Editor, just close it.

Incompleted features

We wanted to make Revizto 4.0 beta publicly available as soon as possible, so some of the release features are not yet completed. Here is the list of major incompleted features:

  • Oculus rift
  • Export to exe
  • Duplicate project
  • Sync progress
  • Editor toolbar


Your feedback on Revizto 4.0 Beta is greatly appreciated. Please use our forum for this purpose - that will make it easier for us to track all your comments and for you to have a Beta knowledge base.

Thank you!