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Exporting revizto file to Max app

17 April 2016 09:56 pm

young k. [38659]

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Hi there,

I just exported revizto project into Mac App and it creates a bunch of files contained in .app folder.

However, It does not work from Mac computer. Is there any setting that I particularly have to set to be executable from Mac?

19 April 2016 09:12 am

Alexey Zuev

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Hi Young,

Unfortunately export to mac app doesn't work well in the latest Revizto. Instead you can use export to .vimproj and use Revizto Viewer from Mac App store to import the resulting file (Import button is located in the project gallery in the top left corner).
14 July 2016 07:50 am

Adam W.

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How do you export to .vimproj in Revizto 4?