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Terrain and Trees

21 June 2013 05:02 pm

Shawn Ridenhour

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Will there be a possiblity in the future of having a terrain in Sketchup be repaced with a Revizto terrain? Also have the ability similar to Revit where the trees are swapped out with Revitzo trees.
24 June 2013 12:32 am

Oleg Maddox

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1. Revizto does not replace the terrain of Revit model if you are speaking about “terrain creator” function.  In Revizto for Revit our editor automatically generates a continuation of the terrain surface to the horizon, if you need. This function isn’t available in SU version due to other principles of terrain creation in SU (in code).  At the moment we don’t plan to develop such a feature for SU version (“Terrain creater” some time may not work with some of the projects created in Revit).

2. Standard 2D images (sprites) of trees in Revit we change on our own 3D models of trees in Revizto because of the need (3D vs 2D in final 3D interactive model). However our 3D models are exact copies of 2D images. In the same way, we’re going to replace the images of people on their 3D models in future versions.  In SU we don’t need to replace 2D to 3D in such cases. They are already in 3D in original models of SU.