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Revit Linked Models & Section Box Tool

07 October 2013 01:42 pm


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Am I missing a setting or when exporting from Revit to Revizto the section box tool doesn't work on linked models? Why i find this strange is if I export an FBX the section box tool works....I have tried use a workflow of Revit to FBX to Revizto...unfortunately with this newly released functionality doesn't seem to work as good as Revit to Revizto. When I export the FBX the clash option in the viewer doesn't work and i fall infinitely through space and time!.?.!.?
09 October 2013 01:00 am

Alexey Zuev

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Hi William,

To make section box working on linked projects, you just need to do a little setup. While exporting a linked project, Revizto add-in searches through linked files for the views with the same name as selected view in the current model. In case of success, only these views are exported from linked projects. Otherwise, it exports the whole model of the link.

When you export your model from Revit to FBX, a lot of important imformation is being lost. For example, all the information about object categories, that helps us to properly set the collisions. In FBX we may turn the collisions on across the whole scene, but then it would become impossible to walk through doors. So right now we've decided to set everything to non-collision. Falling to the abyss is a known problem, and we are going to solve it somehow in next versions.

Hope this helps.