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Definitions for the Light Map Settings

26 December 2013 05:44 am

Geof N.

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There used to be tooltips, I believe, that gave a little explanation. the Help guide doesn't help.

But in particular, I'm trying to find settings, that use the least processing time, to enhance, or differentiate trims & such small object shapes, that have same finishes, in an interior scene lacking artificial lighting. The lower quality levels work ok for exterior items, but the interior items need more attention or their edges get lost.

26 December 2013 05:51 am

Alexey Zuev

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Hi Geof,

Here is what you can do with the settings so that light maps on small objects look better:

- increase Light Map Resolution
- increase Light Map Quality
- decrease Smoothing

You can try this parameters and see which settings (or their combination) help better in your particular case.

Hope this helps.