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March 16th Revizto update and Revit 2017

22 March 2017 06:13 am

Paul K. [38686]

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The March 16th update appears not to get along with Revit 2017 very well. The first person in our office to upgrade to the latest version of Revizto reports that the Revizto tab on the ribbon is present in Revit 2017, but there's no icons in that tab whatsoever.

Has anyone else experienced this? We're holding off on updating Revizto versions in our office until we figure out what's going on.


22 March 2017 06:19 am

Alexey Zuev

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Hi Paul,

No, we haven't got similar reports. Please try to re-install Revizto on that computer.
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22 March 2017 06:35 am

Paul K. [38686]

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Hello Alexey,

I'll have him re-install and see if that fixes it. Thanks!