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Is there a way to insert an image as a material?

12 May 2017 05:07 am


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I have a slab built in Revit that when exported to Revizto I would like to add an image to.  When I try to modify a material I can see the image in the sample but it only shows a white color on the screen of the slab and not the image.

I have tried to use Decal in Revit and export that but never have success.  That is another issue for another time.

Thanks for your help.
16 May 2017 01:18 am

Alexey Zuev

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Hi Caddman13,

Try to play with the scale of the material, there is a chance that it will help.

On the decal issue - would be great if you can share a revit sample model with a decal that is not being exported correctly.