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3d Connexion, Revizto 2.3

25 April 2014 03:30 pm


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New to your program.  Revizto is great, Revit export seems to work great. 

3dConnexion addition is a great one.  Big question though, is there a way to quickly and dynamically change from the default Object mode to the Walking mode in BOTH the Revizto Viewer or Editor?  There was some mention in the manual of doing this if (from the editor) if you set the viewing mode to Video Game, then upon export in the Viewer it becomes walking mode.  However, with 3d Connexion controllers it really helps to be able to quickly and dynamically change modes, as can be done in Revit.

Walking through the project is generally the easiest and best method for me.  Object is pretty awkward exploring buildings.

28 April 2014 05:37 am

Alexey Zuev

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You can use 3dConnexion's "MENU" button while in Revizto to choose between 4 different navigation modes. Is that what you was looking for?